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Hi, I’m Linda Rey, and I write books for teens and tweens. Writing a bio is about as awkward as having to write a “What I Did Last Summer” report the first day back in school, but here goes.

I’m a California girl from start to finish, and I live about twenty miles away from Disneyland. My favorite color is green, but blue is a close second. I’d rather eat potato chips than ice cream, but give me a donut and I’ll be your friend for life. I’m a grandma to seven grandchildren, (but I’m a cool grandma who has a Harley Davidson motorcycle and a tattoo on my wrist that says Believe.) My favorite books as a child were The Secret Garden, Charlotte’s Web, and anything by Judy Blume. My new favorites are The Hunger Games trilogy, Wonder, and The Fault in Our Stars. If I can be remembered for just one thing after I’m gone, I’d want it to be that people thought I was kind.


I Barfed On The Bus

A rhyming picture book for children ages 4 – 8

top Secret Diary 3D Cover.png

Top Secret: Diary #1

Confessions of a Nerdy Girl Diaries

Spanish version Unlucky 13_3D cover.png

Confidencial:Diario #1

Diario de una Chica Nerd (Spanish Version)

Unlucky Thirteen 3D cover.png

Unlucky Thirteen: Diary #2

(Confessions of a Nerdy Girl Diaries)

Truth or Dare 3D cover.png

Truth or Dare: Diary


(Confessions of a Nerdy Girl Diaries)

Letters From Summer Camp 3D.png

Letters From Summer Camp: Diary #4

(Confessions of a Nerdy Girl Diaries)

Nerdy ever after 3 D cover.png


Confessions of a Nerdy Girl: A Nerdy Novel, Book #1

Nerdy Girls Don't 3D Cover.png


Confessions of a Nerdy Girl: A Nerdy Novel, Book #2

Dead Again 3D cover .png

Dead Again:Dark Dreams

The Dead Again Series:

(Book 1)