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Top Secret: Diary #1

(Confessions of a Nerdy Girl Diaries)


My first zit … my first bra … my first kiss.

My birth mom missed them all. She should have been there to tell me it was fine, to reassure me and hold my hand when I got scared. Instead, now I’ll never get the chance to meet her because my dad’s moving us two thousand miles away—to California.
But she needs to know what’s happening. She has to understand what’s going on in my life, what’s important to me and why I act like I do from time to time.
That’s why I started this diary. It’s a collection of my thoughts, wishes, fears and desires. Hundreds of them, from the past 11 years, all committed to paper and meant for the eyes of just one person. My mom.

Confidencial: Diario #1

Diario de una Chica Nerd (Spanish Edition)


Mi primer granito… Mi primer brasier… Mi primer beso…

Mi mamá se perdió todo esto. Ella debería haber estado aquí para decirme que todo estaría bien, para hacerme sentir mejor y tomar mi mano cuando me sentía asustada. En cambio ahora, nunca tendré la oportunidad de conocerla porque mi papá nos está obligando a mudarnos a miles de kilómetros lejos de aquí, a California.
Pero ella necesita saber que está sucediendo. Ella tiene que entender que está pasando en mi vida, lo que es importante para mí, y por qué a veces actúo de determinada manera.
Es por esto que comencé este diario. Es una colección de mis pensamientos, deseos, y miedos. Cientos de ellos, que han sido parte de los últimos 11 años, todos ellos escritos en papel y destinados para los ojos de una sola persona . Mi mamá.

Unlucky Thirteen: Diary #2

(Confessions of a Nerdy Girl Diaries)


New school… New problems… New diary.

As if starting a new middle school isn’t bad enough: now, I’m pretty sure my adoptive mom wants to send me back to the orphanage, my evil adoptive sister is trying to ruin my life, and the entire eighth grade thinks I’m a total dork because of an unfortunate beach experience involving a poisonous jellyfish. (OK, it was only a waterlogged plastic baggie that I mistook for a jellyfish, but still.)


All of that, and more, recorded on the pages of this diary, and dedicated to “M”— the mother who gave me away.

Letters From Summer Camp: Diary #3

(Confessions of a Nerdy Girl Diaries)


Lizards… and leeches… and bears, oh my!

Dear Dad, HELP! Get me outta here!


Dear Marley, This is not a summer camp. This is a prison!


Dear Cody, Today I stepped in bear poop.


These entries, and more, when a major mix-up finds me—the most uncoordinated person on the planet—at a sleepaway camp for Olympic hopefuls, and not a science camp for smarties.